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Merry Toy Day and Happy Holidays~!

2015-12-25 01:33:18 by Holon

Merry Toy Day (yes, I'm late) and Happy Holidays~!


Happy National Make Your Profile Picture a Pokemon Month!

And soon enough, Merry Toy Day and Happy Holidays~!

Now here's three images from the Internet poorly edited together:

4118967_144917990472_pp-christmas_3.png(1) (2) (3)


Happy April Fools!

2015-04-01 00:55:06 by Holon


School is open in the morning because we had one too many snow days. One of these snow days we had off anyway but the middle schools in our shared district did have school that day, so the high schoolers are making up a day that we had off. Understandable, but annoying. I hope this is an April Fools prank.


Here's a waffle.


There's a kitty in my waffle....

It's 1AM.... Good night....


If you like pi, raise your hand!

2015-03-11 19:53:02 by Holon


Three days till Pi day. The image below is horribly inaccurate since I'm writing this at 8 at night rather than 18 hours ago when it actually hit the midnight of the final three days....


Happy National Peanut Butter Lover's Day!

2015-03-01 20:44:34 by Holon


Just because.


13 days till Pi Day. 


And here's a cat:



Your part in filling the bandwith pipes with cats has been purposefully noted for the sake of the cat-domination cause.

It's also National Horse Protection Day, if anypony's interested. =,=

Only 56 more days till Pi Day!

2015-01-18 02:15:29 by Holon

As of January 17, there's only 56 more days till Pi Day! Whoop, whoop!




Why should I care?, you ask?

Well, it's a well-known fact that if the anicent Mayan civilizations never invented pi, Albert Einstein never wouldn't invented gravity, so our Antartican ancestors and their penguin brethren never would've been able to produce the majestic feline, who would one day discover delicious American apple pie. So care.

Why do you care?, you probably didn't ask?

I'm Chinese, so anything math-related is important to me.

I'm also American, so anything pie-related or food-related is especially important to me.

I'm also a teenager who drinks too much coffee, and I'm bored on a Saturday-going-into-Sunday night at 2/3-ish in the morning...

Para concluir, here are some cat pictures: 













Your role in dedicating bandwith to the almighty cat-domination cause has been noted by the Cat Gods. 


Happy Second Day of the New Year!

2015-01-02 00:44:42 by Holon


Celebrating the first day of the new year is overrated. I prefer to celebrate the second day, as the second day signifies that we survived the first day and are now capable of (truthfully) saying, "I lived for at least one day in 2015." I'm also very tired right now and am typing absolute junk. 



So what I've done so far in 2015.... Pretty much nothing.

I'm currently reading a novel called Grendel, and it's a surprisingly interesting read. It takes you into the mind of Grendel from Beowulf, whom I interpret as a 12-year old sasquatch-like monster, as he implores the growth of humanity and how they're creating a religion to explain things around them. Most of the folklore, he knows, is false. 

Also, there's a wise dragon who acts like a rude yet wise grandfather figure to him. 

Here's an excerpt from the novel that caught my attention:

"The bear sat with his feet stuck out, playing with his penis and surveying the hall with a crotchety look, as if dimly aware that there was something about him that the humans could not approve" (Gardner 106). 

This has to be the single best line of literature I've ever read so far this year.


(But if you do, start here...)

My New Years Resolution is to pre-order all the Amiibos. Nintendo's lackluster ability to keep up with supply-and-demand accompanied by my "Gotta Catch 'Em All" nature has definitely taught me a lesson...

And now, I'll continue to abuse my ability to post to front page with cat pictures: :3











Thanks for wasting your bandwith to the noble cat-domination cause. :3


Merry Toy Day and Happy Holidays!

2014-12-13 20:50:48 by Holon

I believe in Santa, but I'm also an atheist... So, yeah.... Make sense out of that. :3

I believe in Santa, but I'm also an atheist... So, yeah.... Make sense out of that. :3

Well actually, Toy Day isn't till the 24th, but I heard Hannukah starts Tuesday, so Happy Holidays!

What I've done with my life so far:


Or something like that.... Maybe. 

Anywhosies, MIT's Early Action applicants received their responses... I was deferred to Regular Action (bummer), so it was semi-rejection but not full-rejection. Statistically speaking, 97% of deferred applicants don't make it in, so if I do make it in when March comes around, I'm probably going to test my luck of probability with the lottery too. 

(The amount of times I've actually read this is kinda sad...)(The amount of times I've actually read this is kinda sad, actually...)

Hopefuly NYIT and RIT take me in... Otherwise, errr.... 

Reading comics and watching movies make me feel happy inside. 

Cosmo the Spacedog appears in the new issue of Rocket Raccon (2014)... It was adorable.


And now I'll continue to abuse my ability to post to the front page with cat pictures:


Inb4 Santa's not real.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2014-11-27 09:17:27 by Holon

"On that day, turkeykind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of them and were disgraced to live in these cages we called cornucopias."


Happy Smash Day!

2014-11-21 06:32:02 by Holon

Whoop, whoop!