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So much Chuck E Cheeses and Now 47...

This is a fun game to play, I guess, if it weren't for all the waiting through ads. It also seems my character stops moving (or grow MUCH slower) if the game leaves the visible window when I scroll down or switch to another tab. But I think the greatest pain this game has so far offered is that when an ad plays, I can't see my mouse and am thereafter unable to find and click the "skip" button.

You know you can change the ad from Video to Simple, right? I don't mind a video ad playing alongside a preloader, but please change the in-game ads past the preloader to the Simple type.

gd4219 responds:

I already remove all ads. hope you like it.

From what I've seen, this looks like a fun game.

I'm experiencing the "flailing around" glitch and don't know how to fix it. Can you make another video with instructions for us Linux users and Mac users? The only Windows computer in my household is my brother's and I doubt he wants to dive into System 32.

Also, I've noticed that I'm never able to log in after logging out. I've created about five in-game accounts now because I've been unable to log into any of them.

I jumped and fell through the platform/ground below me. :c
After I died, I was shown a white screen with the same sound effect constantly looping. Ironically, the tone of the sound effect makes me feel like I've won when it should sound like a Game Over.

The music is so peaceful and creates a great mood for the game. It's sad that the full game may never be finished.

RIP Chance Banning

Dat Phoenix Wright scene... :D

PuffballsUnited responds:

I'm quite proud of that scene

This is a great homage to the original Pico's School, which was one of the first flash games I've ever played as a kid. There is a glitch though. You could get past the gate in the hallway even without a key that you get for killing Alucard, though you can't enter the bathrooms, so there isn't much to progress on.

Clear All Progress's warning screen is broken. "Back to Menu" button clears my data and "Clear all Progress" also clears my data but doesn't show that it did until you reload it. The only way to avoid it clearing data is to refresh the page or use NG's collapse/expand button. I'm raging at my screen right now. I've been horribly trolled after more than two hours of playing this game (oh gawd, when did it pass midnight?!).

Getting some of the rare items should be easier. I got my first sapphire within five minutes of playing, which gave me hope, but 'bout two hours later, I still haven't gotten another sapphire. I haven't gotten a dragonstone yet after more than two hours either. I don't see the purpose of being able to make dragonstone anything since by the time you could forge anything, every stat you have would be extremely high. There's really no need to get Bravery any higher than 250 anyway.

Also, it would be nice to buy a massive amount of coal or logs or smelt a massive amount of bars or sell a massive amount of whatever at the same time. I eventually grown to sell hundreds of steel bars at a time and buy thousands of coal at a time. Thankfully, I had an autoclicker that clicked ten times per second for me (which I also used during the mining scenes), but it still would have been faster and more effective to buy a set amount at a time rather than one at a time.
My last complaint: ROUND SOME NUMBERS. To the nearest tenth? Hundredth? Even thousandth would be fine, but god, the numerical places go on forever (well, not forever, but it's as bothersome as forever).

It's an enjoyable game, but some things are just too impossible. It's like trying to extend the replay value of a game with a bullsh*t achievement (ie "Hey, Beat This Game's Story Mode 500 Times!" Trophy). Add some more medals to fill in the gap. Despite playing this game for two hours, I wasn't awarded for many of the feats I reached. Medals are rewarded for things you do in the first few minutes, but not any more until hours later. One of your medals still has no winners - that's not a good sign. Also, please name your scoreboards something other than "Statboards[1-5]".

I'm too lazy to read over this review. I just want to get onto another game by now. Please pardon any errors.

Maxiecole responds:

Thanks for the comment. I will have to fix the bugs you said.
And sorry for that.

Whenever I save a map, it generates four files under the User Generated Content.

The game's fun. It reminds me of one of the game modes in Kirby Air Ride.

It's beautiful, but it lacks a goal. There's nothing for the player to do.

MrPoporucha responds:

In fact,the game doesn't have any goal yet,I'm just testing banwith and lag,to adjust resolution and sound configuration for the final version.
Thanks for the feedback.

I like how you used a maniquinn for sprites and in a sense used claymation.

But... try to minimize your coding so the program runs more smoothly. I don't know how you designed your fourth level, but the frame rate just dropped to oblivion, and I felt like flash player would crash any second. Looking at your timer thingiemajig, it took 5-6 seconds in real time to run one second without the flash.

I don't know what I'm doing with my life...

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