Equal Marriage Rights

2013-03-30 23:01:08 by Holon

I find it kinda ridiculous that there's even a need for a Human Rights Campaign for equality in marriage, but of course, there will always be those who oppose human equality and stick by their traditional beliefs.

But human society has evolved throughout history and worked towards a greater world. Though the idea of an utopian society is practically impossible, humankind is able to slowly grow with one in mind. This is evident through the abolition of slavery, the women's suffrage, the civil rights campaign, and I believe in the goodness of humanity that equality in marriage will be joining the successes of society's growth.

Here's an Oshawott.

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Equal Marriage Rights


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2013-04-01 22:17:02

I thought this was about gay marriage...

Holon responds:

Yes. equality in marriage. As in, gay marriage should have all of the rights and privileges of and be equal to straight marriage.