Studying for AP World History...

2013-02-28 17:31:04 by Holon

...and I don't feel like opening my textbook.

Know any good sites for flashcards?

Also, do you know any info that I could use for a change-over-time essay for the Ottoman Empire (during Chapter 21 to Chapter 26/27 of the World Civilizations: a Global Experience textbook)?

Studying for AP World History...


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2013-02-28 18:22:07

step one: Fuck APUSH and AP World Shitsery
step 2: Study it on your own if you like it or start doing something else if you don't
step three: jack off
step 4: ???
step five: profit.

But if you must know I personally recommend Quizlet.
You can make it fun with different kinds of study games.

Now go out there and do something you like! Hopefully.


2013-02-28 18:59:44

Make that metroid movie :c

Holon responds:

Too lazy to at the moment, and there's all the school stuff I have to do.

Maybe when it's summer. :)