Astonishment Level = Over 9000

2012-10-09 22:33:42 by Holon

Do you see what I see in the picture below?

Somehow my flash animation Too Scared to Eat Candy is the thumbnail being used for Halloween 2012.

We all know it won't last, but here's a snapshot for the history books (the history of lazy 15-year old teenagers).

By the way, the standalone voice clip for Too Scared to Eat Candy is available here. Now you can fwap to my voice on your iPod or something.

Or ask for my voice for voice acting and stuff.....
(Jobs and roles are always appreciated)

On a side note, I'm making something else for the Halloween collection. It relies on text-based humor rather than actions in animation, but I think this could be really funny if I pull it off right.

I also may make something for the upcoming Game Jam.

Astonishment Level = Over 9000


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